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Selected Maps

Cartographer: George Anson
Title: : A Chart of the Channel in the Philippine Islands, through which the Manila Galeon Passes
Date: c. 1740      Size: 21 x 28 inches
Published: London
Description: Beautiful large sea chart. Strong black and white impression.
Map Ref: SEAS3959
Cartographer: George Anson
Title: : Plan de la Baye de Manila
Date: c. 1740      Size: 10 x 8 inches
Published: London
Description: Manila Bay. Beautiful little chart with a compass rose and soundings in the Bay. Coloured.
Map Ref: SEAS4244
Cartographer: Georges-Louis Le Rouge
Title: : Isles Philippines
Date: 1746      Size: 11 x 8 inches
Published: Paris
Description: Small map of the Philippine Islands based on the survey by Murillo Velarde. Original hand colour.
Map Ref: SEAS4915
Cartographer: Jacques-Nicolas Bellin
Title: : Carte Des Isles Philippines, Celebes et Moluques
Date: c. 1749      Size: 6 x 9 inches
Published: Paris
Description: Copper-engraved chart of the Philippines and Spice Islands, presented with some speculative coast lines and centring on a compass. Coloured.
Map Ref: SEAS5188
Cartographer: Jacques-Nicolas Bellin
Title: : Carte des Isles Philippines
Date: 1752      Size: 12 x 8 inches
Published: Paris
Description: Attractive chart of the southern Philippines. Coloured.
Map Ref: SEAS4818
Cartographer: London Magazine
Title: : A Chart of the Channel through which the Manila Galeon Passes
Date: 1763      Size: 9 x 11 inches
Published: London
Description: Striking sea chart based on Anson's important map and showing the path of the Manila Galleon, a treasure ship which sailed to Mexico City. Original colour.
Map Ref: SEAS3958
Cartographer: Jean Lattre
Title: : Plan de la Baye de Manille
Date: c. 1780      Size: 10 x 8 inches
Published: Paris
Description: Manila Bay. Elegant sea chart with soundings. Coloured.
Map Ref: SEAS4093
Cartographer: Laurie & Whittle
Title: : Plan of the Port of Subec on the Isle of Luconia
Date: 1794      Size: 13 x 18 inches
Published: London
Description: Antique nautical chart of Subic Bay on Luzon Island, a highly strategic port, formerly a U.S. Naval base but now remaned the Subic Bay Freeport Zone.
Map Ref: SEAS5075
Cartographer: A.K. Johnston
Title: : Philippines
Date: 1886      Size: 7 x 9 inches
Published: London
Description: Late Victorian map of the Philippine Islands. Printed colour.
Map Ref: SEAS5163
Cartographer: Richard Holmes Laurie
Title: : Manila Road, &c.
Date: 1889      Size: 6 x 9 inches
Published: London
Description: Detailed sea chart and town plan of Manila, and Bakor Bay in The Philippines.
Map Ref: SEAS4748
Cartographer: George Cram
Title: : Philippine Islands
Date: 1897      Size: 16 x 23 inches
Published: Chicago
Description: Philippine Islands, including Mindoro. Panai. Sebu, Samar, Leite, Negros, and Minanao. Printed colour.
Map Ref: SEAS4348
Cartographer: George F. Stewart
Title: : Map of the City of Manila and Vicinity
Date: 1901      Size: 23 x 31 inches
Published: Washington, D.C.
Description: Large map of Manila based on Spanish surveys and with updates by the US Army. The map was compiled for the US government under the direction of the Army Corps of Engineers. Coloured. (SL)
Map Ref: SEAS4746
Cartographer: George Philip & Son
Title: : The Philippine Islands
Date: c. 1910      Size: 10 x 15 inches
Published: London
Description: Map of the Philipppine Islands printed just after the Spanish American War. An inset on the upper right shows Manila Bay. Printed colour.
Map Ref: SEAS4782
Cartographer: John Bach
Title: : Philippine Islands
Date: 1921      Size: 25 x 36 inches
Published: Manila
Description: Colourful map of the Philippines printed in Manila to promote travel and business within the islands under the Insular Government of the United States. Printed colour. SL
Map Ref: SEAS4803
Cartographer: John Bach
Title: : Manila
Date: 1930      Size: 27 x 38 inches
Published: Manila
Description: City plan of Manila published commercially by John Bach, formerly the head of the drafting office for the Geodetic Survey in Manila. Printed colour. SL
Map Ref: SEAS5106
Cartographer: US Army
Title: : Philippine Islands
Date: 1944      Size: 33 x 47 inches
Published: New York
Description: This large and bold map of the Philippines was published by the U.S. Army education branch to illustrate one of the most bitterly contested battles of the Pacific Theatre of World War II. Printed colour. [Tube]
Map Ref: SEAS4912