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Selected Maps

Cartographer: Willem & Jan Blaeu
Title: : Paragvay, O Prov. de Rio de la Plata
Date: c. 1650      Size: 20 x 15 inches
Published: Amsterdam
Description: Important Dutch Golden Age map of Paraguay, Uruguay and Rio de la Plata, with part of Chile, Argentina and Brasil. French text on verso. Coloured.
Map Ref: SAM2642
Cartographer: Jan Jansson
Title: : Paragvay, O Prov. De Rio De la Plata
Date: 1666      Size: 19 x 15 inches
Published: Amsterdam
Description: Paraguay. Decorative cartouche. Latin text on verso. Coloured.
Map Ref: SAM2791
Cartographer: Jan Blaeu
Title: : Paraqvaria vulgo Paragvay
Date: c. 1670      Size: 22 x 18 inches
Published: Amsterdam
Description: Splendid map of Paraguay, Uruguay, and part of Argentina with decorative cartouche and original hand colour.
Map Ref: SAM2469
Cartographer: Robert Morden
Title: : Chili and Paragay
Date: 1688      Size: 5 x 5 inches
Published: London
Description: Miniature map of central South America, designating a very large area of the continent to the province of "Paragay" which would now encompass parts of Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. Original hand colour.
Map Ref: SAM3426
Cartographer: Nicolas & Guillaume Sanson
Title: : Le Paraguay
Date: 1692      Size: 10 x 8 inches
Published: Paris
Description: Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and part of Brazil. Coloured.
Map Ref: SAM3193
Cartographer: Pieter van der Aa
Title: : Paraguaria ou Paraguay
Date: 1714      Size: 15 x 12 inches
Published: Leiden
Description: Paraguay. Beautifully engraved map with elaborate cartouche. Strong impression.
Map Ref: SAM2834
Cartographer: Jacques-Nicolas Bellin
Title: : Carte du Paraguay
Date: 1756      Size: 12 x 8 inches
Published: Paris
Description: Paraguay. Floral cartouche. Coloured.
Map Ref: SAM2789
Cartographer: Francois Santini
Title: : Carte qui represente la Partie Meridionale Du Bresil et Du Perou, Le Chili Septentrional, et Le Paraguay
Date: 1779      Size: 27 x 19 inches
Published: Venice
Description: South Brazil, Peru, Paraguay. Decorative cartouche.
Map Ref: SAM1799
Cartographer: Rigobert Bonne
Title: : Carte Du Paraguay
Date: 1782      Size: 13 x 16 inches
Published: Paris
Description: Paraguay and Southern Brazil. Coloured.
Map Ref: SAM2278
Cartographer: Jean Buchon
Title: : Carte Geographique, Statistique et Historique du Paraguay
Date: 1825      Size: 25 x 19 inches
Published: Paris
Description: Paraguay. French text. Original colour. (SL)
Map Ref: SAM1642