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Selected Maps

Cartographer: General Land Office
Title: : Sketch Map of the Public Surveys in Iowa Territory
Date: 1850      Size: 12 x 13 inches
Published: N/A
Description: The latest survey of the public lands in Iowa, often called "The Food Capital of the World" by its inhabitants.
Map Ref: USA8321
Cartographer: General Land Office
Title: : Public Surveys of Iowa
Date: 1850      Size: 22 x 17 inches
Published: Dubuque
Description: The latest government surveys of Iowa up to 1850 and showing the land ceded by the Winnebago in 1846.
Map Ref: USA8351
Cartographer: Joseph Hutchins Colton
Title: : Iowa
Date: 1855      Size: 16 x 13 inches
Published: New York
Description: Iowa. Showing the counties and land divisions, as well as some early railroads. Original colour.
Map Ref: USA8875
Cartographer: US Government
Title: : Sketch of the Public Surveys of Iowa and Dakota
Date: 1861      Size: 20 x 17 inches
Published: Washington, D.C.
Description: Iowa and Dakota. Sketch of the public surveys for official Senatorial reports scaled at 18 miles to the inch.
Map Ref: USA7551
Cartographer: Johnson & Ward
Title: : Johnson's Iowa and Nebraska
Date: 1863      Size: 17 x 13 inches
Published: New York
Description: Iowa and part of Nebraska. Borders. Original colour.
Map Ref: USA3875
Cartographer: Samuel Augustus Mitchell
Title: : County Map of the States of Iowa and Missouri
Date: 1867      Size: 12 x 14 inches
Published: Philadelphia
Description: Iowa and Missouri. Original colour.
Map Ref: USA4966
Cartographer: George Cram
Title: : Official Map of Sioux City
Date: 1889      Size: 12 x 10 inches
Published: Chicago
Description: Sioux City. City plan. Original printed colour.
Map Ref: USA3526
Cartographer: Arbuckle Bros
Title: : [Iowa]
Date: 1889      Size: 5 x 3 inches
Published: New York
Description: State map of Iowa with inset view of a Glucose factory. Printed colour.
Map Ref: USA8563