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Selected Maps

Cartographer: Sebastian Munster
Title: : L'Isle de Cypre
Date: 1558      Size: 6 x 10 inches
Published: Basel
Description: Cyprus. Map of island set within descriptive text.
Map Ref: MED2198
Cartographer: Abraham Ortelius
Title: : Cypri Insvlae Nova Descript
Date: 1598      Size: 20 x 14 inches
Published: Antwerp
Description: Stunning early map of Cyprus with elaborate cartouche, ships and sea monsters. French text on verso. Uncoloured, strong impression print. [Van den Broeke: Ort. 149]
Map Ref: MED2259
Cartographer: Samuel Purchas
Title: : Cyprus
Date: 1625      Size: 8 x 6 inches
Published: London
Description: Mediterranean Islands. Seven maps in one. Showing the island of Cyprus, with smaller maps of Stalimini, Chitis, Mitilene, Negroponte, Cerigo and Rhodus. Published as part of Hakluytus Posthomous or Purchas his Pilgrimis, contayning a History of the World in Sea Voyages and Lande Travells, by Englishmen and others.
Map Ref: MED2208
Cartographer: Mercator Hondius
Title: : Cyprus
Date: 1635      Size: 8 x 7 inches
Published: London
Description: Early miniature map of Cyprus, with six inset maps of islands in the Mediterannean. Rare Michael Sparke edition, English text on verso.
Map Ref: MED2219
Cartographer: Mercator Hondius
Title: : Cyprus Ins:
Date: 1639      Size: 21 x 15 inches
Published: Amsterdam
Description: Early map of Cyprus along with six other Mediterranean Islands. Decorative cartouche and sea monster. French text on verso. Original colour.
Map Ref: MED2214
Cartographer: Jan Jansson
Title: : Cyprus ex deliniatione Ubonis Emmii
Date: 1661      Size: 8 x 5 inches
Published: Amsterdam
Description: A small Dutch Golden Age map showing Cyprus during the Classical period with Roman place names. Coloured.
Map Ref: MED2325
Cartographer: Robert Morden
Title: : Cypri Insula
Date: 1688      Size: 6 x 7 inches
Published: London
Description: Early miniature map of Cyprus with East-West orientated inset of Turkeys West coast. Coloured.
Map Ref: MED2174
Cartographer: Edward Stanford
Title: : Cyprus
Date: 1911      Size: 26 x 21 inches
Published: London
Description: Large, highly-detailed map of Cyprus showing early infrastructure including roads and railways, as well as sites of historical interest. Printed colour.
Map Ref: MED2305