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Selected Maps

Cartographer: Chantry
Title: : A New and Accurate Plan of the City of Bath to the Present Year
Date: 1801      Size: 21 x 18 inches
Published: Bath
Description: Separately issued folding plan of Bath on linen focusing on the rapid developments of the city, particularly Sydney Place and Gardens and Landsdown Square. Folded.
Map Ref: SOM523
Cartographer: Charles Godwin
Title: : A Map of the Country round the City of Bath to the Extent of Fifteen Miles and Upwards.
Date: 1833      Size: 19 x 20 inches
Published: Bath
Description: Separately issued folding map of Bath and its environs including Bristol, Frome, Chippenham and Chipping Sodbury. Folded.
Map Ref: SOM524
Cartographer: Forrester&Ruthven
Title: : Plan of Bath
Date: 1842      Size: 5 x 4 inches
Published: N/A
Description: Charming miniature plan of Bath lithographed by Forrester and Ruthven, most likely to be from a guide book to the city.
Map Ref: SOM528
Cartographer: F. Curtis
Title: : Illustrated Plan of the City of Bath
Date: c. 1890      Size: 23 x 19 inches
Published: Bath
Description: Charming city plan of Bath embellished with illustrations of the notable buildings, including the Royal Crescent.
Map Ref: SOM463
Cartographer: Karl Baedeker
Title: : Bath
Date: c. 1930      Size: 6 x 4 inches
Published: Leipzig
Description: Bath. Detailed city plan. Original printed colour.
Map Ref: SOM420
Cartographer: Geographia Ltd.
Title: : Plan of the City of Bath
Date: c. 1960      Size: 27 x 19 inches
Published: London
Description: Vintage plan of the city of Bath with two insets of the city centre and the Abbey and Baths. Based on the Ordnance Survey.
Map Ref: SOM521