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Selected Maps

Cartographer: Philippe Vandermaelen
Title: : Presqu'Ile D'Alaska
Date: 1825      Size: 23 x 19 inches
Published: Brussels
Description: Alaska Peninsula and Unimak isle. Coloured. (21) (SL)
Map Ref: USA3879
Cartographer: Philippe Vandermaelen
Title: : Partie de L'Amerique Russe
Date: 1825      Size: 23 x 19 inches
Published: Brussels
Description: Kodiak Island and the coast of Alaska from the first atlas to show the world on the same scale. Original colour. (22) (SL)
Map Ref: USA8330
Cartographer: Philippe Vandermaelen
Title: : Partie de L'Amerique Russe
Date: 1827      Size: 20 x 18 inches
Published: Brussels
Description: Southern Alaska. Anchorage. Original colour. (12) (SL)
Map Ref: USA4012
Cartographer: R.G.S.
Title: : Map of the Yukon, or Kwich-Pak River
Date: 1868      Size: 18 x 12 inches
Published: London
Description: Yukon River. Detailed map of the Alaskan section of the river from its mouth to Fort Yukon and the Canadian border. An inset shows the Bering Sea and the North Pacific Ocean.
Map Ref: USA9331
Cartographer: R.G.S.
Title: : Northern Alaska
Date: 1882      Size: 11 x 12 inches
Published: London
Description: Survey map of the Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska showing the mouths of the Yukon and Kuskokwim Rivers. A red line marks the route of naturalist and explorer Edward William Nelson.
Map Ref: USA9161
Cartographer: R.G.S.
Title: : Map of Alaska - Southern Part
Date: 1887      Size: 19 x 9 inches
Published: London
Description: Southern part of Alaska. To illustrate the paper of Lieutenant H.W. Seton Karr. Inset map of Mt. St. Elias. Original colour.
Map Ref: USA8763
Cartographer: George Cram
Title: : Alaska
Date: 1889      Size: 10 x 12 inches
Published: Chicago
Description: Alaska. State map. Original printed colour.
Map Ref: USA7076
Cartographer: Thomas Corwin Mendenhall
Title: : General Chart of Alaska
Date: 1892      Size: 50 x 26 inches
Published: N/A
Description: Alaska and the Bering Strait. Hydrographic chart by the U.S. Coast & Geodetic Survey. Original colour. (SL)
Map Ref: USA6952
Cartographer: S.G.S.
Title: : Sketch Map of South-Eastern Alaska
Date: 1893      Size: 9 x 9 inches
Published: Edinburgh
Description: South-Eastern Alaska showing the routes followed by the Steamers. Original printed colour.
Map Ref: USA6659
Cartographer: Harry King
Title: : Map of Alaska
Date: 1898      Size: 33 x 27 inches
Published: Gotha
Description: Detailed map of Alaska showing its natural resources. Published for the General Land Office. (SL)
Map Ref: USA7893
Cartographer: R.G.S.
Title: : Map to Illustrate Major E.W. Nesham's Paper on the Alaska Boundary Demarcation
Date: 1927      Size: 8 x 14 inches
Published: London
Description: Alaska Boundary Demarcation showing the routes travelled by the boundary survey parties.
Map Ref: USA6829
Cartographer: Frank McCaffrey
Title: : Territory of Alaska
Date: 1936      Size: 31 x 21 inches
Published: Seattle
Description: Vibrant map of Alaska with a key to the travel routes of the Alaska Steamship Company. Inset map of the land purchased from Russia in 1867. Printed colour. (SL)
Map Ref: USA8528
Cartographer: Ernest Dudley Chase
Title: : A Pictorial Map of Alaska, the 49th State
Date: 1959      Size: 28 x 21 inches
Published: Westwood, Mass.
Description: Pictorial map of Alaska dotted with charming vignettes and fascinating historical details. Laid down on archival linen. Printed colour. (SL)
Map Ref: USA8975