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Cartographer: Giovanni Camocio
Title: : [Lafreri Map of Africa]
Date: 1566      Size: 27 x 19 inches
Published: Venice
Description: RARE. Early map of Africa from a Lafreri atlas. Based on the 1562 map by Paulo Forlani. Framed. [Betz 8.2]
Map Ref: AFR5735
Cartographer: Sebastian Munster
Title: : La Table & description universelle de toute l'Afrique uoire estendue outre les limites de Ptol.
Date: 1568      Size: 14 x 10 inches
Published: Basel
Description: Seminal and hugely influential map of Africa. It is the earliest, available, printed map to show the entire continent. French edition. [Betz 3 (Variant 13)]
Map Ref: AFR6196
Cartographer: Cornelis De Jode
Title: : Africae Vera Forma, Et Sitvs
Date: 1593      Size: 18 x 13 inches
Published: Leiden
Description: RARE map of the entire African continent with decorative cartouche and box in upper right of text describing Africa. [Betz 27]
Map Ref: AFR3132
Cartographer: Abraham Ortelius
Title: : Africae Tabula Nova
Date: c. 1595      Size: 20 x 15 inches
Published: Antwerp
Description: Fundamental map of the African continent, embellished with sea monsters and a naval battle. Latin text on verso. Coloured. [Ort: 8] [Betz: 12.5]
Map Ref: AFR5220
Cartographer: Filippo Pigafetta
Title: : [Africa]
Date: 1598      Size: 16 x 22 inches
Published: Frankfurt
Description: Richly embellished map of Central, Eastern, and Southern Africa from de Bry's "Petits Voyages" illustrating the limited state of European knowledge at the turn of the 17th century. [TMC 9 pp 9-10]
Map Ref: AFR4704
Cartographer: Matthias Quad
Title: : Aphrica
Date: c. 1600      Size: 11 x 8 inches
Published: Cologne
Description: An early depiction of the African continent based on Mercator's map of Africa, as well as Portuguese sources. [Betz 46]
Map Ref: AFR2240
Cartographer: Heinrich Bunting
Title: : Africa Tertia Pars Teerae
Date: c. 1600      Size: 13 x 10 inches
Published: Magdeburg
Description: A late woodcut map of Africa with a unique depiction of the continent's shape. [Betz 24.3]
Map Ref: AFR3368
Cartographer: Bertius/Claesz.
Title: : Africa
Date: 1606      Size: 5 x 4 inches
Published: Amsterdam
Description: Uncommon miniature map of Africa, an amalgam of the geography of Ortelius and Mercator, but modified to include details from van Linschoten and Al-Idrisi. Coloured. [Betz 37]
Map Ref: AFR6074
Cartographer: Jodocus Hondius
Title: : Nova Africa Tabula
Date: 1611      Size: 16 x 21 inches
Published: Amsterdam
Description: Stunning Dutch Golden Age map of the African continent. Glorious original hand-colour. [Betz 52]
Map Ref: AFR5690
Cartographer: Mercator Hondius
Title: : Africa
Date: c. 1620      Size: 19 x 15 inches
Published: Amsterdam
Description: Wonderful map of the African continent published at the height of the Dutch Golden Age and based on Mercator's geography. Latin text on verso. Original hand colour. [Betz 31]
Map Ref: AFR5808
Cartographer: Samuel Purchas
Title: : Africae Descriptio.
Date: 1625      Size: 8 x 5 inches
Published: London
Description: Early map of Africa based on the work of Jodocus Hondius first issued in 1608. Coloured. [Betz 53]
Map Ref: AFR5816
Cartographer: Matthaus Merian
Title: : Nova Descriptio Africae
Date: 1649      Size: 15 x 11 inches
Published: Frankfurt
Description: Africa, decorated with sea monsters, a splendid compass rose, and depictions of native animals. Coloured. [Betz 67]
Map Ref: AFR5757
Cartographer: Henricus Hondius
Title: : Africae Nova Tabula
Date: c. 1653      Size: 20 x 16 inches
Published: Amsterdam
Description: Iconic and highly decorative Dutch Golden Age rendition of the continent of Africa. Spanish text on the verso. Original hand colour. [Betz 58.5]
Map Ref: AFR6092
Cartographer: Jan Jansson
Title: : Africae Descriptio
Date: 1661      Size: 8 x 6 inches
Published: Amsterdam
Description: A small Dutch Golden Age map of Africa showing the kingdoms, empires, and regions as they were understood by 17th century Europeans. Coloured.
Map Ref: AFR6132
Cartographer: Anne Seile
Title: : Africae Nova Descriptio
Date: 1663      Size: 17 x 13 inches
Published: London
Description: Elegant map of Africa embellished with sea monsters and depictions of native animals. The earliest map of Africa signed by and attributed to a female cartographer. [Betz 100]
Map Ref: AFR5665
Cartographer: Jacob van Meurs
Title: : Africae
Date: c. 1668      Size: 21 x 17 inches
Published: Amsterdam
Description: Attractive map of Africa with native animals decorating the interior and European trading ships sailing around the coastline. [Betz 108]
Map Ref: AFR5553