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Giovanni De Agostini: Corsica

Map: MED2327
Cartographer: Giovanni De Agostini
Title: Corsica
Date: c. 1945
Published: Milan
Width: 7 inches / 18 cm
Height: 9 inches / 23 cm
Map ref: MED2327
Charming vintage pictorial map of Corsica highlighting its attractions and cuisine.

This small but distinctive pictorial map was issued as part of travel guide, but the image would have originally derived from De Agostini's work, the “Imago Italiae”.

It was compiled by the venerable firm of Giovanni de Agostini and his descendants, one of the foremost map publishers in twentieth century Italy. The aesthetic of the maps was designed and painted by the notable Russian exiled artist Vsevolod Petrovic Nicouline.

The collection of maps included with "Imago Italiae" was first issued in a folio form in 1939, probably inspired by the work of other notable graphic artists in the pictorial genre such as Macdonald Gill and Lucien Boucher. The collection must have proved successful as a commercial project since a new, reduced edition was produced after World War II with two additional maps, Dalmazia and Corsica. The work as a whole is noted for its charming aesthetic and the gold and silver highlights often present on the maps. Like Gill and Boucher, the de Agostini maps have achieved the distinction of being instantly recognisable for their style and content.

Printed colour with metallic highlights. [MED2327]