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Vincenzo Coronelli: Paralello Geografico dell'Antico col Moderno Arcipelago

Map: GRC1865
Cartographer: Vincenzo Coronelli
Title: Paralello Geografico dell'Antico col Moderno Arcipelago
Date: c. 1692
Published: Venice
Width: 24 inches / 61 cm
Height: 18 inches / 46 cm
Map ref: GRC1865
This map of the Northern Aegean Sea serves as the northern part of a chart of the whole sea. It extends from the Bosphorus in the north to the islands of Negroponte and Chios in the south.

This region was of great interest and activity to the Venetian Republic, hence the multiple historical and current text panels on the face of the map. Many of these panels refer to Venetian triumphs in their conflict against the Ottoman Empire in the appropriate geographical locations.

The large illustrated cartouche depicts the Winged Lion of Venice driving out the Ottomans from unspecified locations, symbolising Venetian victories. The dedicatee on the map is Giovanni Battista Dona or Donato, Bailo of Constaninople.

The Dona or Donato family were an ancient aristocratic clan of the Republic of Venice with several former Doges among their ranks while the Bailo of Constantinople was a prestigious diplomatic post created to oversee the affairs of the Republic of Venice with the Ottoman Empire. The position enabled the Bailo to live in Constantinople.