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Jodocus Hondius: Chorographica Tabula Lacus Lemanni

Map: SWAS1519
Cartographer: Jodocus Hondius
Title: Chorographica Tabula Lacus Lemanni
Date: c. 1630
Published: Amsterdam
Width: 21 inches / 54 cm
Height: 12 inches / 31 cm
Map ref: SWAS1519
Hondius's famous map of Lake Geneva oriented to show north towards the bottom part of the sheet. Based on the map by Jacques Goulart.

Originally issued as one of the “new” maps in Jodocus Hondius’s landmark atlas of 1606, this map is not based on Gerhard Mercator. Another source is printed on the title, “Iac G. Genevensi”. This cryptic reference is to Jacques Goutard, a Genevan clergyman who drew this map while studying in the Low Countries in 1604-5. Goutard actually based his map on a manuscript map attributed to Jean Duvillard, who produced his map in 1581. This was an extraordinary piece which has an attached sheet with illustrations and descriptions of the major species of fish inhabiting the lake as well as a detailed description of the wonders and health benefits of the Lake. Duvillard actually based his manuscript on the information compiled by a doctor, Thomas Schopf, based on information published posthumously in 1578. Schopf was also famous in cartographic circles for his production of a manuscript map of the State of Bern, considered the finest regional map of Switzerland of the 16th century. [SWAS1519]