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Tobias Conrad Lotter: Poloniae Regnum Ducatusq Magnae Lithuaniae

Map: POL1039
Cartographer: Tobias Conrad Lotter
Title: Poloniae Regnum Ducatusq Magnae Lithuaniae
Date: c. 1755
Published: Augsburg
Width: 5 inches / 13 cm
Height: 4 inches / 11 cm
Map ref: POL1039
Miniature map of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth depicting its vast borders from the Baltic Sea almost to the shore of the Black Sea.

Tobias Conrad Lotter married Matthias Seutter's eldest daughter and rapidly became involved in the family map publishing firm. He engraved many of Seutter's later maps and expanded the scope of the business. He issued several atlases of a reduced size appealing to a wider audience due to their lesser cost and necessity for space.

Fundamentally the maps are reduced versions of Seutter’s majestic folio maps; however, the smallest version, the “Atlas Geographicus Portatilis” lacks the large, monumental, illustrated cartouches for which the Seutter and Lotter firm were particularly notable. Their size prohibits their inclusion. That omission aside, the engraving and colouring styles closely resemble Seutter’s larger maps.

The lower left margin of the map bears the imprint of Lotter’s artist and long term collaborator, Tobias Lobeck while Lotter credits himself as the engraver on the lower right.

Original hand colour. [POL1039] ]