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Thomas Jefferys: A New Plan of the City and Liberty of Westminster

Map: LDN6418
Cartographer: Thomas Jefferys
Title: A New Plan of the City and Liberty of Westminster
Date: 1763
Published: London
Width: 21 inches / 54 cm
Height: 18 inches / 46 cm
Map ref: LDN6418
This fascinating map of West Central London, including Covent Garden, Holborn, the Strand, Westminster, and Mayfair, was published to illustrate the new roads and buildings both constructed and proposed. Roads marked with dashed lines are those which have yet to be constructed. This includes large portions of Mayfair and may roads south of the river. Interestingly, Blackfriars Bridge is not marked by dashed lines even though it was still under construction and would not open to foot traffic until 1766. Horses and carriages had to wait another three years for the bridge to finally be complete in 1769.

There is an indexed list of the Great Offices of State in the lower-left corner, along with a shorter list of significant places that might be of interest to a fashionable gentleman living in this part of town. These include fire insurance offices, Langford's auction house in Covent Garden, and the Royal Society. The first edition of this map was published in March, 1762. A further edition being needed by May, 1763 suggests either that this map was quite successful, or that the changes in the area were occuring so rapidly as to require amendements to the map.

Original hand-colour. [Howgego 122. This edition not listed] [LDN6418]