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James Reynolds: Telescopic View of the Moon, Past the Last Quadrature

Map: CELEST1175
Cartographer: James Reynolds
Title: Telescopic View of the Moon, Past the Last Quadrature
Date: c. 1851
Published: London
Width: 10 inches / 26 cm
Height: 11 inches / 28 cm
Map ref: CELEST1175
Educational chart showing a waning crescent moon from the last quatrature, made from an observational drawing.

James Reynolds (1817-1876) was an innovative English publisher. Born in Islington London and the son of a printer, Reynold’s had started his career and set up his premises at 174 Strand by the 1830s.

During his career he published books, atlases, maps and scientific educational charts on a wide range of topics - from physical geography and geology to astronomy, architecture, ethnography and even prehistoric history.

Of particular note are his educational charts, most of which were published between 1846 to 1851. They were inexpensive, accessible to a wide audience, published a large numbers and very beautiful. The charts all feature striking, colourful illustrations with explanatory notes.

Reynolds took a great deal of care in making sure his charts were accurate and attractive, employing skilled geographers as Ernest George Ravenstein (1834-1913) and geologist Professor John Morris (1810-1886) to advise on accuracy and comprehension, and he worked closely with talented engraver and artist John Emslie (1813-1875) to produce eye-catching designs.

Framed. [CELEST1175]