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Rigobert Bonne: Partie Occidentale et Partie Orientale de L'Empire de Russie

Map: RUS2525
Cartographer: Rigobert Bonne
Title: Partie Occidentale et Partie Orientale de L'Empire de Russie
Date: 1771
Published: Paris
Width: 25 inches / 64 cm
Height: 17 inches / 44 cm
Map ref: RUS2525
This map of the Empire of Russia on two sheets joined shows the full extent of its geography after the claims and victories of Catherine the Great.

Peter the Great began to assimilate and consolidate the vast lands of Siberia and eastern Asia into an empire. Several Great Northern Expeditions were sent to both study and claim the Siberian regions; among the most notable of these was one led by Vitus Bering, which also allowed Russia to establish a foothold in the Pacific Northwest coast of North America, now Alaska. A treaty with the Kangxi Emperor of China allowed more cordial relations with that great power in the East and also allowed Russia to concentrate on their more immediate and hereditary enemy, the Ottoman Empire. These policies were continued by Peter's illustrious descendant, Catherine and this map shows the results of her victories on all fronts. The period is viewed as a Golden Age for Russia and catapulted the nation into becoming one of the great powers of the world. Original hand colour. [RUS2525]