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George Horace Davis: Oil Refineries of the World

Map: WLD3941
Cartographer: George Horace Davis
Title: Oil Refineries of the World
Date: c. 1945
Published: London
Width: 30 inches / 77 cm
Height: 19 inches / 49 cm
Map ref: WLD3941
Interesting manuscript map of the World's oil production and refineries. The map shows shaded topographical relief and river courses in extraordinary detail.

Across the map, small drilling derrick icons have been used to pinpoint locations of oil production areas. A selection of comparative graphs showcase the refining and production capabilities of a country. The colour white is used to indicate refining, and black to indicate production. One square represents one million metric tonnes per year, and a circle represents under one million tonnes per year.

An inset map of Great Britain can be seen in the lower left corner marking the locations and companies which are projected to be controlling the country's refineries by 1953.

This manuscript map has been completed in pencil, pen and black ink by British artist George Horace Davis (1881-1963). Davis was an Official War Artist, and head of aerial diagrams for the Royal Flying Corps during the First World War. He was renowned for his intricately detailed bird's eye views, maps, and particularly his cross-section diagrams.

This map is the original artwork to accompany an article for the English newspaper, The Illustrated London News. The map has been initialled in the lower right corner, "G. H. D[avis]".