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Henry Roberts: A General Chart Exhibiting the Discoveries made by Captn. James Cook

Map: WLD3806
Cartographer: Henry Roberts
Title: A General Chart Exhibiting the Discoveries made by Captn. James Cook
Date: c. 1784
Published: London
Width: 35 inches / 89 cm
Height: 22 inches / 56 cm
Map ref: WLD3806
Spectacular map of the world on two sheets joined showing the voyages and discoveries of Captain James Cook (1728-1779) based on the work of skilled Master's mate Henry Roberts (1757-1796).

The map was based on the work of Henry Roberts, a Master's mate on Cook's voyage who was later promoted to Lieutenant, and eventually Commander. As a sign of Cook's regard for the intelligent young Masters' mate, Roberts was assigned the task of producing the world map for the official published account of Cook's voyages.

The sumptuous original hand-colouring delineates in red Great Britain's new claim to New Zealand, the Pacific northwest of America, and the eastern half of Australia following Cook's discoveries. Over the next few decades, Australia or New South Wales would begin to displace the earlier designation of New Holland for the continent.

This edition of Roberts' map was published by William Faden, Geographer to King George III, and is generally considered to be the grandest and most attractive of the Roberts derivatives.

[WLD3806] (BC)