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Jubilee Celebrations 
To commemorate the Royal Festivities The Map House has grouped 
together a fascinating collection of Coronation and Jubilee ephemera. 
From the 1887 Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria to 
the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.


 A catalogue of pieces mapping the southern  passage  between the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, first discovered by the great Portuguese Sea Captain Ferdinand Magellan.

 Humankind has documented exploration of the northern extremes since 325 BC. Up to the beginning of the 20th Century the examination of this frozen continent has been manifested in many forms. This collection notes the progress and history in the mapping of one of the most fascinating and beguiling parts of the world.                                                                              


The Dutch Lions, or Leo Belgicus, were initially drawn when the Netherlands were fighting the Eighty Years’ War for Independence. The motif was inspired by the heraldic figure of the lion, occurring in the coats of arms of several of the Netherlands as well as in those of William of Orange. 


A detailed account of one of the finest World maps to appear in an atlas during the Dutch Golden Age of Cartography, and its derivatives. 
The most common non-existent places to appear on antique maps are islands. This catalogue presents a number of examples including the most famous misconception of California as an island.
  Throughout its long history London has been constantly evolving. These pieces span hundreds of years representing huge social and political reforms, the devastating effect of the Great Fire and the Plague, massive expansion both industrial and resid ential, and map the heart of one of the largest colonial empires in existence.