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Cartographer: Hartmann Schedel
Title: : Jierico
Date: 1493      Size: 10 x 16 inches
Published: Nuremberg
Description: Jericho. Uncoloured wood cut view of Jericho taken from the Nuremberg Chronicle.
Map Ref: MEAST2934
Cartographer: Hartmann Schedel
Title: : Damascus
Date: 1493      Size: 9 x 14 inches
Published: Nuremberg
Description: Damascus. Town view with text above. Original colour.
Map Ref: MEAST3643
Cartographer: Hartmann Schedel
Title: : Tercia etas Mudi: Damascus
Date: 1493      Size: 11 x 16 inches
Published: Nuremberg
Description: Damascus. Woodcut panorama accompanied by text description.
Map Ref: MEAST4078
Cartographer: Martin Waldseemuller
Title: : [Cyprus & Near East]
Date: 1541      Size: 18 x 13 inches
Published: Strasbourg
Description: Cyprus and Near East. Early woodcut after Ptolemy.
Map Ref: MEAST2870
Cartographer: Martin Waldseemuller
Title: : Tabula noua terrae sanctae
Date: 1541      Size: 16 x 10 inches
Published: Strasbourg
Description: Holy Land. Early black and white woodcut.
Map Ref: MEAST2874
Cartographer: Sebastian Munster
Title: : Liber V. : Palestina
Date: 1558      Size: 7 x 11 inches
Published: Basel
Description: A miniature woodcut map of the Holy Land, taken from the seminal 16th century work, 'Cosmographia'.
Map Ref: MEAST4023
Cartographer: Antoine Du Pinet
Title: : De la Cite d'Acre
Date: 1564      Size: 8 x 11 inches
Published: Paris
Description: Acre. Beautiful woodcut of the fortress at Acre in the Levant.Descriptive text covers the lower half of the page. Black and white.
Map Ref: MEAST3859
Cartographer: Braun & Hogenberg
Title: : Damascus
Date: 1575      Size: 15 x 13 inches
Published: Cologne
Description: Magnificient bird's eye city view of Damascus in rich original colour.
Map Ref: MEAST3711
Cartographer: Abraham Ortelius
Title: : Terra Sancta
Date: 1592      Size: 20 x 14 inches
Published: Antwerp
Description: Stunning map of the Holy Land compiled with information from Dutch astronomer, Peter Laicksteen. Depiction of Jonah and the Whale to lower left. Original colour.
Map Ref: MEAST3963
Cartographer: Abraham Ortelius
Title: : Palestinae Sive Totius Terrae Promissionis Nova Descriptio
Date: 1592      Size: 20 x 15 inches
Published: Antwerp
Description: Lovely example of Ortelius's map of Palestine or the Holy Land comprising of the Levant from the Lebanon to the Nile Delta. Original hand colour.
Map Ref: MEAST4224
Cartographer: Braun & Hogenberg
Title: : Mons Calvariae
Date: c. 1615      Size: 18 x 13 inches
Published: Cologne
Description: Mount Calvary. Early black and white engraving.
Map Ref: MEAST2773
Cartographer: Samuel Purchas
Title: : Tabula Cananaeae
Date: 1625      Size: 8 x 6 inches
Published: London
Description: The Holy Land during Biblical times. Coloured.
Map Ref: MEAST4269
Cartographer: Mercator Hondius
Title: : The Holyland
Date: 1635      Size: 8 x 6 inches
Published: London
Description: The Exodus of the Israelites. Rare Michael Sparke edition with English descriptive text on verso. Coloured.
Map Ref: MEAST4296
Cartographer: Thomas Fuller
Title: : [Holy Land]
Date: 1650      Size: 13 x 10 inches
Published: London
Description: Ancient Holy Land Japho to Ashdod. Depicting scenes and places from the Old Testament.
Map Ref: MEAST2902
Cartographer: Benito Montanus
Title: : Tabvia Terrae Canaan Abrahae Tempore et Anteadven Tvm Filior Israel Cvm Vicinis et Finitimis Regionib
Date: 1660      Size: 20 x 13 inches
Published: Amsterdam
Description: Canaan, at the time of Abraham. The map travels into the Asian continent as far as the Babylon, and the Tigris estuary.
Map Ref: MEAST4096
Cartographer: Jan Jansson
Title: : [Holy Land]
Date: c. 1670      Size: 70 x 33 inches
Published: Amsterdam
Description: Six sheet wall map of the Holy Land orientated East to West based on Adrichom's map on the same scale. (LargeTube)
Map Ref: MEAST3907