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Cartographer: Hartmann Schedel
Title: : Secunda etas Mundi
Date: 1493      Size: 10 x 16 inches
Published: Nuremberg
Description: Sparta. Uncoloured woodcut view from the Nuremberg Chronicle with an interesting depiction of the Amazons above.
Map Ref: GRC1584
Cartographer: Tomaso Porcacchi
Title: : Descrittione Dell'Isola di Negroponte
Date: 1576      Size: 7 x 10 inches
Published: Venice
Description: Negroponte. Miniature map with text.
Map Ref: GRC651
Cartographer: Abraham Ortelius
Title: : Graeciae Vniversae Secvndvm Hodiernvm Sitvm Neo Terica De Scriptio
Date: 1595      Size: 20 x 14 inches
Published: Antwerp
Description: Beautiful example of the first atlas map of Greece, its islands and Macedonia based upon the survey of Giacomo Gastaldi. Original hand colour.
Map Ref: GRC1842
Cartographer: Petrus Bertius
Title: : Descriptio Graeciae
Date: 1616      Size: 5 x 4 inches
Published: Amsterdam
Description: A hand coloured miniature map of Greece and the Aegean.
Map Ref: GRC1735
Cartographer: Mercator Hondius
Title: : Macedonia Epirvs et Achaia
Date: 1619      Size: 18 x 15 inches
Published: Amsterdam
Description: Greece, Macedonia, and Albania. Beautiful Dutch golden age map in original colour.
Map Ref: GRC1784
Cartographer: Mercator Hondius
Title: : Graecia
Date: 1636      Size: 18 x 14 inches
Published: Amsterdam
Description: Highly decorative map of Greece in sumptuous original colour, including the Aegean and islands.
Map Ref: GRC1755
Cartographer: Jan Jansson
Title: : Thessaliae
Date: 1662      Size: 20 x 15 inches
Published: Amsterdam
Description: Beautiful map of Thessaly, based on Laurenberg. Decorative cartouche and original colour.
Map Ref: GRC1725
Cartographer: Jan Jansson
Title: : Insularum Archipelagi
Date: 1662      Size: 24 x 20 inches
Published: Amsterdam
Description: Beautiful map of the Northern Aegean including Lemnos and Lesbos Decorative cartouche and rich original colour.
Map Ref: GRC1728
Cartographer: Jan Jansson
Title: : Macedonia
Date: 1662      Size: 23 x 16 inches
Published: Amsterdam
Description: Beautiful map of Macedonia, embellished with ships and ornate cartouches. Rich original colour.
Map Ref: GRC1790
Cartographer: Willem & Jan Blaeu
Title: : Maris Aegaei quod hodie Archipelago nuncupatur Pars Septentrionalis
Date: c. 1665      Size: 24 x 20 inches
Published: Amsterdam
Description: Northern Aegean. Includes Lemnos, Lesbos, Chios and Skyros. Embellished with ships. Original colour.
Map Ref: GRC1685
Cartographer: Philipp Cluver
Title: : Archaia Hellas Livadia
Date: 1672      Size: 10 x 8 inches
Published: Amsterdam
Description: Archaea, with insets of Athens and Thebes. Coloured.
Map Ref: GRC1765
Cartographer: John Speed
Title: : Greece
Date: 1676      Size: 20 x 15 inches
Published: London
Description: Greece and the Aegean Sea. Decorative cartouche. English descriptive text on verso. Coloured.
Map Ref: GRC1837
Cartographer: Robert Morden
Title: : Greciae Novae
Date: 1688      Size: 6 x 7 inches
Published: London
Description: A detailed miniature map with panel of text. Coloured.
Map Ref: GRC1757
Cartographer: Vincenzo Coronelli
Title: : Carta Maritima della Parte Meridionale dell Cefalonia co'manche l'Isola del Zante el la Costa di Morea
Date: 1696      Size: 20 x 15 inches
Published: Venice
Description: Chart of the Eastern Ionian Sea orientated east to west showing Zante, Southern Cephalonia and the Western Peloponnese.
Map Ref: GRC1775
Cartographer: Olfert Dapper
Title: : Negroponte
Date: 1702      Size: 14 x 11 inches
Published: Amsterdam
Description: Negroponte. Euboea and mainland. Includes Athens. Coloured.
Map Ref: GRC677
Cartographer: Philipp Cluver
Title: : Macedoniae et Thessaliae Regiones
Date: 1711      Size: 10 x 8 inches
Published: Leiden
Description: Northern Greece. Shows the region of Macedonia. Decorative cartouche with figures. Coloured.
Map Ref: GRC1679