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Capt. William Dampier: Carte de L'Isthme de Darien et du Golfe de Panama

Map: WIND4079
Cartographer: Capt. William Dampier
Title: Carte de L'Isthme de Darien et du Golfe de Panama
Date: c. 1720
Published: N/A
Width: 6 inches / 16 cm
Height: 6 inches / 16 cm
Map ref: WIND4079
Uncommon miniature map of Panama from the travels of English explorer William Dampier during his time as a buccaneer in 1679. Dampier joined the crew of legendary pirate Bartholomew Sharp (c1650-1702) and took part as they traversed the Isthmus of Panama raiding Spanish towns and capturing fleets along the Pacific coast. In January 1680, the buccaneers raided Portobelo, a port in modern day Colón Province of Panama. They created a blockade at the port for two weeks, before sailing north to Bocas del Toro near the border with Costa Rica to sell the goods.

The map shows the Isthmus of Panama (also known as the Isthmus of Darién) from Portobelo and Panama east to Garachine and the border with Colombia, in an area known as the Darién Gap. The map is peppered with settlement and river names, and is shown with a great amount of topographical knowledge Above, two inset maps; the first detailing the northern coastline of Panama, marking Bocca del Toro and Portobelo with part of Costa Rica. The second map shows the southern coastline of the Republic of Panama and marks Panama City. The dotted trails in each map mark the sea routes of Dampier and his crew.

This map would have used maps from Damper’s account “A New Voyage Round the World” (1697) as a source.

Strong impression. [WIND4079]