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A.H. Jaillot: Insulae De Cabo Verde Olim Hesperides Sive Gorgades

Map: AFR899
Cartographer: A.H. Jaillot
Title: Insulae De Cabo Verde Olim Hesperides Sive Gorgades
Date: c. 1690
Published: Paris
Width: 23 inches / 59 cm
Height: 17 inches / 44 cm
Map ref: AFR899
The ten main islands of the archepelago are here clearly represented. Previously uninhabited, they were discovered and colonised by the Portuguese in the fifteenth century. Their location in the Atlantic, off of the West coast of Africa, made them very important in the slave trade up until its dissolution. On this map the major ports to be used in the trafficking of slaves are noted. They became very wealthy which often attracted attacks from pirates and colonial enemies including Sir Francis Drake who twice sacked the then capital Riberia Grande in the 1580’s. The colourful and decorated cartouche is bordered by tropical fruits, animals, and other produce that could be traded with Europe and the Americas. This map is based on the Dutch maps of Valk and Schenk.